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Our Story

Intersection Christian Ministries is located on Austin Blvd. where Oak Park meets Chicago's Austin community, where abundance meets need and opportunity meets adversity. A ministry of Judson Baptist Church, we seek to demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible, practical ways by addressing the economic injustice and inequity that afflict the South and West sides of Chicago.

“Poverty”, wrote Aristotle, “is the parent of crime.” That statement is as true in 21st-century Chicago as it was in 4th-century BC Greece. It is no coincidence that the Chicago neighborhoods plagued with the highest crime rates are the very same ones beset by the worst unemployment and poverty rates in the city. Employment and job readiness training present the greatest opportunities for us to have an immediate and significant positive impact on our community.

Many organizations and ministries throughout the Greater West Side already address one or more pieces of the training/employment puzzle. Rather than duplicating their efforts, we seek to establish cooperative partnerships with these organizations, enabling us to connect our clients in the community with the widest possible array of available resources. Working with each client, we create a customized plan tailored to their individual situation and needs. Most importantly, we walk with, support and encourage them through the process as they put that plan into action.

You can help create opportunities for job training and community renewal on Chicago's West Side.

Current opportunities

  • Teachers
  • Program coordinators
  • Case Managers
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Financial partnerships